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Flørlineset Opp in Flørli

Flørlineset Opp, in the roadless village Flørli in the Lysefjord, is a steep walk with a great view of the village and the fjord.

Flørli is most known for the world's longest wooden staircase with 4,444 steps, but there are several hiking opportunities. Flørlineset Opp takes around 50 minutes, and is suitable for adults and fit children over 6 years.

Walk along the shore of the Lysefjord, past the red School Pub and onto the point Flørlineset, until you see a signpost with an arrow. From there, the path leads steeply up the hill. You'll enjoy eagle's view perspectives over Flørli and into the Lysefjord. Eventually, the path hits a forest road and you walk back down through the village.

Beauty: 4/5. 

Warning: This path has an exposed section! Not suitable for people with vertigo.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Flørlineset Opp in Flørli

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