Flatsteinbu is in Oldedalen, located on a mountain plateau between Kvamsdalen and Brenndalen, just by the edge of Jostedalsbreen's huge ice cap.

The trip to Flatsteinbu is a steep summit trip to the plateau between Kvamsdalen and Brenndalen, just by the edge of Jostedalsbreen. To get to Flatsteinbu you first go up to Kvamssetra inside. This is a steep stage, but a good path makes it a nice ascent. From the harness on Kvamssetra, the path flattens out and one way forward backwards Kvamsdalen. Here you can enjoy the view both down towards Oldedalen, but also inwards Kvamsdalen towards the waterfall. The last stage can be a bit demanding as one has to go steep / climb up the last mountain section. Fixed chains and bolts are mounted in the rock to make the ascent easier. At the top you will find a Flatstein cabin and a safety cabin. The cabins are private, but open to anyone who wants to use them. The cabin is 19 sqm and it is okay to lie 10-12 people on the loft and floor. In addition, there is room for 5-6 people in the security cabin. Those who spend the night in the cabin put money in a bok in the cabin, or transfer money to account no. 3770 10 28903 which settles for accommodation and use of fuel and light. There is also gas heating and cooking facilities. Flatsteinbu was built in 1969 by some eager "oldedøler", and all building material is drilled up to 1260 masl. The cabin was restored and expanded in 2005. If you walk about 10 minutes behind the mountain plateau from the cabin, you come to a great vantage point where you can see the Brenndalsbreen glacier and several 100 meters straight down into Brenndalen. Take the Rv 60 in Olden and follow the road inwards towards Briksdalsbreen. The path up to Flatsteinbu goes from Kvamme at the end of Oldevatnet. The trip from Kvamme and up to Flatsteinbu takes between 3 and 4 hours, and goes in relatively steep terrain, but on a well-marked path. Area: Breheimen with Jostedalsbreen Type: Foot Grading: Demanding Length and duration: 4.3 km, 4 hours Season: May - Oct.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord


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