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FLO Haldencanal Watercourse


A unique floating lodge in the Halden Canal

Waking up to fluttering waves and birds chirping? Welcome to FLO!

FLO is a unique floating accommodation. Designed to increase awareness of and interest in the beautiful nature of the Halden Canal. In the same way as the timber was transported via the waterway, FLO is dimensioned to be able to be channeled through the canal system. The location in the canal system may therefore vary from year to year.

In the 2024 season, FLO will be anchored in Lake Rødensjøen at Joval Gård, north of Ørje. Here you are in a quiet and idyllic area with nature as your nearest neighbour. Read more under Nice to know on our website for more information about your stay on the FLO Halden Canal.

Experience the Halden Canal
Exhale, relax and experience art, culture, history and the beautiful nature along the Halden Canal! The Halden Canal is located southeast of Norway, right on the border with Sweden, and only a good hour from Oslo.

The Halden Canal is the older of the two canals in Norway. This exciting waterway stretches from Skulerud in the north to Tistedal in the south, almost 80 km. The Halden Canal is a special cultural monument, and in recent years the canal has been put in good condition so that you can now travel from north to south, and pass through three locks and five lakes on the way. There are many great experiences in and along the canal. Here you can paddle or drive a boat through idyllic lakes and impressive locks - in a beautiful landscape with many interesting cultural monuments. And here you can swim, fish, eat, experience art and culture, live and experience the beautiful nature!

And in the middle of this, you can spend the night in FLO. A unique floating accommodation.

About FLO
FLO is a floating accommodation installation in the Halden Canal designed by Strøm Arkitektur and Studio OSMA. The idea sprang from the concept idea Floating Lodge, which was developed by Snøhetta Architects for the Halden Canal some years ago. The idea was further developed by Strøm Arkitektur and Studio OSMA and is financed by the Sparebankstiftelsen and Marker Sparebank. You can read more about the project FLO Haldenkanalen here.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


FLO Haldencanal Watercourse


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