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Floating Saunas at Preikestolen BaseCamp


Enjoy a perfect start to the morning, or unwind after a day in the mountains, aboard one of Preikestolen BaseCamp's floating saunas, close to the trail to Preikestolen.

Pamper yourself, the Nordic way!

Admire the area's pristine natural surroundings while relaxing in the warmth of the sauna's wood fire. Conclude your experience with an invigorating dip in Refsvatnet lake.  

Norway's sauna culture is adopted from our neighboring country, Finland. A visit to a sauna usually involves spending time in a warm (and sometimes steamy) room, followed by a shower or plunge into cold water or snow. The sauna ritual is, without a doubt, both revitalizing and refreshing, but many believe it also has health benefits such as helping the body detox and giving a lower chance of developing high blood pressure. Season - Year-round 

Duration - 2-hour minimum 

Group-Size - 7 guest maximum (Covid-19 restrictions) 

Meeting Place - Hikers' Café (Preikestolen BaseCamp)

Price - NOK 3,000 for first 2 hours; 1,000 per extra hour

Additional Information: - Preikestolen BaseCamp's saunas are rented out with staff - The minimum age for sauna rental is 18 yrs. - Alcohol consumption is limited to 2 drinks per person

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Floating Saunas at Preikestolen BaseCamp


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