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FLYT Sauna and icebathing - Close to Oslo

Sauna and icebathing only 1 hour from Oslo. Refreshing and fun!

A unique sauna on water – sauna and cold-water swimming
FLYT Fjordsauna can be found on Randsfjorden at Jevnaker, and is a sauna-boat floating on the serene lake. Combining a hot sauna with cold-water swimming has become very popular the past few years, and FLYT Fjordsauna ensures that this activity is available to even more people. A guaranteed refreshing experience! Located only an hour from Oslo, the sauna is within easy reach of cultural attractions and service providers such as Hadeland Glassverk, Kistefos, and Thorbjørnrud Hotel.

Meeting up in a sauna is fun and enjoyable. It is also beneficial to health for people without any pre-existing medical conditions. Cold-water swimming leave a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. According to those who have tried it, an ice-cold plunge combined with a hot sauna leaves an incredible feeling of wellbeing!

When the body is nice and warm and the sweat starts to pour, it is time for a swim. But do not despair. You will soon warm up back in the sauna. Look after one another, and try not to swim alone.

As the lake remains at low temperatures for large parts of the year, the cold-water season at Randsfjorden is long. FLYT Fjordsauna is thus an attractive option even when the weather turns mild.

Practical details
• The sauna offers plenty of room for 8–10 people, and has a spacious changing room.
• It has wood-burning heater that can be adjusted, and there is plenty of dry firewood on board.
• It is also possible to play music using the sauna’s own sound system.
• If you wish to hire the fjord sauna for a full day / evening, please contact us.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

FLYT Sauna and icebathing - Close to Oslo

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