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Folehavna Fort

The coastal trail on Vesterøya offers 25 kilometres of marked trails for hikers where Folehavna, with its smooth coastal rocks and stunning view, lies at the entrance to the open sea. On the tip of Vesterøya, we find Folehavna Fort.

This fort was occupied by The German military in 1941, and The German military authorities called it VESTERØEN. Since 1945 the fort has been called FOLEHAVNA, which is actually the name of the beautiful bay with a sandy beach overlooking the fiord of Sandefjord.

After the 2 world war, most of the area was taken over by Coastal Artillery, while some parts were quickly released. The military activity was closed down in 1993.

The outermost part of the area, with the relatively steep slopes down towards the sea is treeless, while the rest of the area has lush vegetation. The highest part of the area is slightly over 20 meters. From the fort you have a clear view out over the sea towards Onsøylandet and the Hvalerøyene to the east, open sea in a southern direction and over towards Svenner Lighthouse, and the Telemark and Vestfold coasts in the west.

Parking is easy, and if you are interested in fishing, there are many opportunities here. On the way out you also pass an art gallery - Gallery Flood, which is usually also open on Sundays.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Folehavna Fort

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