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Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center

The Folgefonn Centre, Rosendal offers exhibitions on Folgefonna National Park, aquatic life in the Hardangerfjord and sustainable use of natural resources.

Folgefonnsenteret - The Folgefonn Centre

The Folgefonn Centre in the village of Rosendal, on the Hardangerfjord, offers interactive exhibitions on the Folgefonna National Park, aquatic life in the Hardangerfjord, the world's water cycle, sustainable use of natural resources, and climate change.

Exhibits include: The global water cycleFolgefonna glacier The atmosphere, low pressure systems and precipitation WaterWater histories around the world EnergyThe Hardangerfjord Villages near Folgefonna – the people and their landscape Folgefonna National Park Biodiversity – the flora, fauna, rivers and streams of the Folgefonn Peninsula Adventures on the Folgefonna Glacier Our climate and climate researchers Extreme precipitation and natural disasters From the depths of the Hardangerfjord and the sea The ocean and the fjord communicate The ocean and climate change New treasures from the ocean Sea animals that "see" in the dark Sex in the sea Sustainable food production


Four films are shown at the centre: "Of Water it is created" - A Journey in the Waterscape of Western Norway  "The Drama of the Mountains" – geology "The Life of the Hardangerfjord" "The Roar of the Rutting Stags"


The Boatbuilding Museum – Skaaluren Collection Folgefonn Centre and the Boatbuilding Museum have joint admission. The Skaaluren Collection documents the history of wooden boatbuilding in Hardanger, with emphasis on the peak years 1850–1950. At the museum entrance, there is information about the region's modern maritime industries.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center

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