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Indre Østfold

Football golf, Spydeberg

Football golf is something that everyone has a relationship with as football is the world's biggest sport

Mørk Golf are members of NFGA. They have built a path at the path that is very good. Football Golf is something that everyone can relate to since football is the world's largest sport and all children have tried this more or less
- It can be practiced by all
- It is fun
- It provides exercise
- It is good training in precision
- It is easy services
- It is very suitable for social activities
- It is great for children's birthdays and any other social gatherings
- Does not require any equipment - football can be borrowed
- It is simply genious

So take a trip to Mørk golf and try it out.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Football golf, Spydeberg

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