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Fornebu area – art, architecture and nature

Fornebu is a natural gem, encircled by the fjord and beaches and home to a unique biological diversity. It is a favourite recreational area among the residents. It also have an amazing sculpture collection and architecture. The Fornebu area is undergoing a huge development since the airport was shut down in 1998.

This trip is suitable with your own bike or you can use Bærum municipality's rental bikes from Tier. You can find more information in the Tier app.

The tour starts at Aker's new headquarters at the intersection of Fornebuveien/Snarøyveien. Take a look at the beautiful ceramic vases and art by Magne Furuholmen (A-ha) before you cycle around Telenor Arena and down the underpass towards Flytårnet. Here in Kulturgaten you will find several galleries such as Flø and Jonny Hurts, the Reko-deli shop with organic locally sourced dishes, the Paprifly wine bar and the Caravell restaurant, the museum "På Hjul" with exhibitions of Vespa mopeds and Ferrari cars and the renowned Bærum Kunsthall with modern art in the old fire station. Follow the cycle path towards the Expo/Telenor building under Snarøyveien. Straight ahead is the Quality Hotel Expo and Engineerium, an interactive science center at Fornebu (free admission). Here you can explore natural phenomena, learn about different energy sources and the history of the  the oil and gas adventure in Norway. Turn right towards Telenor, cross the courtyard while marveling at the column art by Daniel Burén and the digital banner "writing on the wall" by Jenny Holzer.

Keep to the right on the cycle path along the fjord. You pass the Equinor, a landmark at Fornebu - ride up under the entrance and take a look at the installation on the entrance roof. IT Fornebu, which is located in the old terminal building with frescoes painted by Kai Fjell, and Scandic Hotel Fornebu. Cycle back down to the cycle path. At the water's edge with a great view is Sjøflyhavna Kro, known for its good hamburgers. Turn right and keep straight ahead, follow the underpass into the school grounds. Cycle through and past the tennis courts and turn right between the houses. After a few hundred meters you meet the cycle path. Keep to the right towards Hundsund and Nansenparken.

Tour A Storøyodden beach and recreational area and birdwatching: To the west are Storøya's two nature reserves with their own bird tower and Storøyodden bathing beach. Bærum's largest and only sandy beach marked with a blue flag, here is a kiosk and toilets. On Lilleøya, a little north of Storøya, is Lilløyplassen naturhus, which is a gathering place for ornithologists, plant and animal lovers. They hold events for children at 12 noon on Sundays.

Tour B Nansenparken: Keep straight ahead and cross Forneburingen where you enter Nansenparken on nice footpaths and cycle paths. The main runway was located here in its day. It is possible to stop at Storøya grendesenter to tour the play equipment or watch skaters. In the park, you can take a break at the Festplassen by the water, climb the stands or take a look at the Nansen statue by Per Ung. At the other end of Nansenparken to the right, you are back to Flytårnet and Telenor Arena. Or the tour can continue to the shops and food stalls at Fonebu S. At the roundabout at IT Fornebu you will see the statue Kast av Kåre Groven.

Or even better, explore both A and B. By bike the distances are short.

The most pleasant way back to the starting point is through Nansenparken. If you want to extend the trip, you can cycle west towards Høvikodden and Sandvika, or the route towards east to Lysaker and Oslo along Frognerkilen.

Without detours, the round trip is roughly 6.5 km.

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Fornebu area – art, architecture and nature

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