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Fossøy nature and culture trail

The island Fossøy was created during the last ice age. Today you will find here a culture trail with 18 information boards, golf course and cafe.

Fossøy is a natural gem that was created during the last ice age with a clear mark of daudis pits.

Archaeological finds along the trail
Archaeological research has resulted in finds of flint deposits from the older and younger Stone Age, iron slag from the Iron Age and traces of population from prehistoric times. The path also passes "Vrådal oldest campsite" from the Stone Age.

Along the path you will find 18 information boards with topics about:
- Straumsnes school
- The lock museum
- Småstraum locks 
- The forest and forestry in the region
-  Quaternary geology
- Archeology
- Plant and animal life
- Forestry and fishing

Fossøy Golfcafe
Along Fossøy nature and culture trail you will find Fossøy Golfcafe which is open during the summer.

Partly adapted for wheelchair users
The trail is accessible for wheelchair from the car park to the cafe.

Facilities along the hiking trail
Along the hiking trail you will find several picnic tables. And there is a toilet at the Fossøy cafe which is centrally located in relation to the hiking trail.

Drive north from Vrådal Sentrum approx. 500m to Vrådal Stadium. Here you turn left to the parking lot at Straumsnes school 400m. There is free parking. The trail starts at the information board at Straumsnes.

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Fossøy nature and culture trail

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