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Fosstopp – Magical treetop accommodation

Want new adventures? The treetops in Vassfaret are waiting for you!

Does a luxury cabin in a unique landscape sound tempting? Here you live at one with nature and in close contact with the forest and the animals that live there. The cabin is fitted with large windows to provide panoramic views over a beautiful natural landscape. While living comfortably in the cabin, you can enjoy a magical natural experience overlooking forests, mountains and waterfalls. In the evening you can fall asleep under a magnificent starry sky, and wake up the next day to warming sunbeams through the windows. The cosy veranda extends around the entire cabin, and is equipped with furniture suited for long days in the sun and evening shelter around the fire.

Here you can simply enjoy the tranquillity and calmness of nature, and also partake in a number of activities available both in summer and winter. You have free kick-sledges and snowshoeing. Our own cross-country trails let you experience the forest and the waterfall in a very special way in the winter terrain. Around the cabin there are endless miles of untouched snowy landscape - perfect for a ski trip or a trip with the dog-sledding company Hedalen Husky. In summer you can enjoy the beautiful forest. Do you like quiet forest walks or maybe you want to catch your own fish? Or go for a bike ride through the woods? The area is also great for off-road cycling!

The cabin was built in 2017, and is secured to pine trees, 6 meters above the ground located near the waterfall. It contains a living room / kitchen, bathroom and spacious sleeping alcove with double bed, as well as a large and airy loft. The cabin accommodates 5 people and has all the necessary amenities. You can drive directly to the cabin all year round. Everything is made for you to have a wonderful and unforgettable cabin experience with your family, friends or partner!
Fosstopp AS
Telephone: + 47 906 27 368

Last updated: 12/22/2023

Source: Valdres Destinasjon



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