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Frøne Cabin, Rakkestad


Frøne cabin is not far from Frønessjøen (Frøne lake) in Rakkestad.

The house at Frøne has a living room with kitchen, where there is seating for 14 people. There are 3 gas burners, as well as an Italian wood stove that is suitable for both pizza and bun frying!

One bedroom downstairs has a single bed as well as a bunk bed with one and a half mattress downstairs. Up to 4 people can atay here. On the second floor there are 5 sleeping alcoves. Each of these has a mattress that is 120 cm wide. Here it is bedded for one person in each alcove, but there will be available double sets of duvets up pillows so you can sleep two in each alcove. So a total of 14 people can stay overnight at Frøne if all beds are used.

In the sanitary house there are 2 outdoor toilets.

It is drilled for water, so there is water throughout the year - this tastes great!

Booking is made at

PRICES - from kl. 14:00 to 14:00, valid from 1 January 2024


The cabin can be used from 14:00 arrival to 14:00 departure. 


Adult (26 years and older): NOK 300 
Young (13–25 Years): NOK 150 
Children (0–12 years): gratis / free
Dayvisit: 50 NOK
Dayvisit family: 100 NOK
Dog: NOK 100 

Non - memebers

Adult (26 years and older): NOK 500
Young (13–25 years): NOK 400 
Children (0–12 years): NOK 200 
Dayvisit: NOK 100 
Dayvisit family: NOK 200 
Dog: NOK 200 

If you book a bed for a member from 0-12 years and the bed is not used, it must be paid as if it were an adult.

Last updated: 02/15/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Frøne Cabin, Rakkestad


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