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Fredag & Fretland Bakery

Fredag & Fretland Bakery is located in the center of Lærdal with a wide selection of freshly baked buns and cakes and very good coffee.

Fredag & Fretland is a family-run business with a passion for baking. A brand new bakery opened in March 2022 and makes the most delicious flavors for you.

Here you can choose between different types of bread such as Landbrød, Jordeplebrød, seed bread, ciabatta and rolls. If you're thinking of something sweeter, there is a rich selection of baked goods such as cinnamon buns, school buns, almond croissants, wiener bread, chocolate chip cookie, carrot cake and more.

At Fredag & Fretland you can also order lunch where you can choose between different types of sandwich with omelette, with cheese and cured ham, BLT, curry chicken or the gluten-free variant Chia bowl.

On the drink front, you must try Apple juice from Lærdal, which is very good, or other types of mineral water.


Fredag & Fretland also has delivery of goods where you can order what you want on the website and Fredag & Fretland will come around the Sognefjord and deliver what you have ordered. Find out on social media or the website when the next delivery is.

Open Wednesday - Sunday from 10:00 - 16:00

Last updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Fredag & Fretland Bakery

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