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FRIKAR: "Dream catcher"

Interested in joining a nature themed art experience? Join FRIKAR! Water has flowed through Åbjørajuvet for thousands of years and created a landscape that is an experience in itself. FRIKAR builds on this experience with up to 100 performers partaking in an interactive walking tour. Experience FRIKAR's choreographic universe with some of Norway's best dancers from various genres, and also musicians and art installations.

Our goal is to rejuvenate the walk by creating a unique experience of art in nature that attracts a wide audience from all of Norway, including cabin owners and tourists who wish for a spectacular cultural and nature experience. Both art contributions, society and audience participation are central to the project, including the movement camp for the participating amateurs, and thinking towards a green future we will leave a minimal footprint. The work will be a sustainable tourism project and create a sustainable future tourist attraction.

The work will be displayed on a circular track in Åbjørajuvet in the middle of Valdres. The waterways were regulated in the 1960s and the characteristic smoothed rock landscape with many caves and waterfalls are easily accessible. Along the river is old pine forest. The area is regarded as geological national heritage site. At the bottom of the circular track, the landscape forms a natural performing area, large enough for 500 audience members. The area is perfect for performing arts!

Last updated: 07/07/2023

Source: Valdres Destinasjon

FRIKAR: "Dream catcher"

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