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From manor to crofter’s farm

This group tour takes you on a trip to some beautiful manor farms but also show the story of the crofters.

From manor to crofter's farm

The region around Lake Mjøsa is characterized by well-kept manor farms that adorn a rolling cultural landscape. What was life like on a large farm? When did they have their heyday? How many people actually worked on such a farm in the past? If you would like to know the answer to these questions, join this trip and visit 2 beautiful Mjøsa-farms!

While families living on those manor farms where rather wealthy, the tradition of crofters and crofter's farms show a different story. Alf Prøysen, a well known artist, born in Ringsaker, is perhaps the most famous person who grew up on a crofter's farm. Many of his texts are about differences in status and about choosing one's own path in life. At the Prøysen museum you can hear and read about the life of Alf Prøysen.


• 10-11  Hovelsrud gård – Helgøya 
Over the past few years, Hovelsrud’s old, landscaped garden from 1840 has been restored to its former glory. In recognition of their work, the hosts have received the Europa Nostre Award – EU’s cultural heritage prize. Join us on a walk between berry shrubs and fruit trees, and enjoy with all your senses! Opportunity to buy the farm's own produce in bottles and jars.

• kl 11-12 Guidet tur rundt Helgøya 
Trip around Helgøya, with a local guide onboard the coach. Learn about the Viking Era when Hovinsholm was a hof, about the artist Peder Balke (the only Norwegian painter represented at the Louvre), about the Toftes Gave reform school for boys, and lots more!

• kl 12.30-14.00 Kvarstad gård – Nes halvøya 
This manor farm still in operation has become renowned for its welcoming hosts. After learning about the farm, there is opportunity to visit the friendly farm shop, the “potato cellar”.

A 2-course meal is served in the beautiful rooms at the farm.

kl 14.30 -16.00 Prøysenhuset 
The final stop of the day is a visit to the Prøysen Museum, which includes a guided tour of the Prøysen Cottage. After the guided tour, there is opportunity to explore the exhibition, enjoy a coffee, or join in a sing-along.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Visit East Norway:

Source: Visit Innlandet


From manor to crofter’s farm

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