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Frozen Summer Design – Wild Arctic Jewels

Visit the studio with locally handcrafted jewellery , made with real flowers from North Cape. Authentic and meaningful souvenirs.

Freeze a Flower. Freeze a Moment.
Arctic flowers which remain in endless bloom.

Frozen Summer Design was founded by Jeanette, a crafty woman with an ambition to create unique handmade products, containing an actual piece of Northcape.
With a vision of natural beauty, and a wish to preserve something everlasting is her inspiration behind it.

She carefully forages the plants during hikes around Magerøya. Then press, dries, and preserves them in top-quality clear resin.
Later, the dried flowers are then enrobed in a sterling silver case, which makes the jewelry exclusive and quality pieces.

Her studio is located in the center of Honningsvåg. This is where she creates and sells her jewelry collections. With each flower representing its own symbolic meaning, making it meaningful for you!
She also uses flowers to make cards, candles, magnets, keychains, soap etc...
Pay her a visit, it is definitely worth it!

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Book Finnmark

Frozen Summer Design – Wild Arctic Jewels

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