Full day authentic mountain hike to Blåmanen

Join us when we go hiking in the mountains surrounding Bergen. Along the way we will pass both mount Rundemanen and mount Blåmanen.

The hike starts outside the Bergen Tourist office next to the Fish market. We start by taking a local bus to Munkebotn, where we start our way into the city mountains. The first part of the hike we will travel on the dirt road “Fjellveien”, until we approach the famous Stoltzekleiven, or Stoltzen as they call it in Bergen. Stoltzekleiven has a height difference of 300 meters - spread over approx. 900 running meters. The trail has an ascent of between 20% and 40%, on average 35.8%. The first part of the trail is a relatively moderate climb. After that, it's steep until halfway, and from there on up to the top it only gets steeper and steeper. You get a little rest on the flatter part before the last steep part with the wooden stairs. You will definitely feel lactic acid.

When you get to the top you're rewarded with a magnificent view! We rest awhile at the top, catching our breath and enjoying the view!
Afterwards we continue our hike up in the mountains to lake Storevatnet, lake Rundemansdiket, and all the way up to mount Rundemanen (560 meters above sea level). Rundemannen is the highest point we will reach on the hike, and the perfect spot for our lunch break.

When we have replenished our strength and found some more energy, we continue our hike into the mountains, heading towards mount Blåmanen. It is challenging to walk in the mountains, but when we reach the cairn at mount Blåmanen, you will be met by a stunning view, which makes the struggle to get there more than worth it. From Blåmanen we then start our way down toward one of the most famous places in Bergen, Fløyen. Along the way we pass the cabin “Fjellhytten” and Skomakerdiket (shoemaker's dike). When we get to Fløyen we will take a long break to enjoy the view, and talk about the hike. Our hike ends at the same place where we started, outside the Bergen Tourist office.

Meeting point: The hike starts outside Bergen Tourist office at Strandkaien.
Length and distance of the hike: This hike takes about 5 to 6 hours including public transportation. The walking distance is 10 kilometers, and walking this distance in the mountains is a lot more challenging than in a park.

Required experience: Above average hiking experience needed. Above average health. Waterproof hiking shoes. Water- and windproof jacket.

Alder: The minimum recommended age for this tour is 10 years old. Children below 15 years of age together with an adult only pay for their bus ticket.

Cancellation: In case of cancellation up to 24 hours before the departure of the tour, 100% of the cost is refunded, in case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the departure of the tour, no refund is granted.

Last updated: 05/24/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

Full day authentic mountain hike to Blåmanen

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