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Fyrig Sauna

Welcome to Fyrig Sauna at Skei. Here you can have a wonderful experience alone, or with friends and family.

Surrounded by spectacular mountains, mighty glaciers and a lake rich in fish, you will find Fyrig Sauna - a sauna with a view of Astrup's kingdom. What could be better for a nature and recreation experience?

Fyrig Sauna is an unattended sauna offer at Skei in Jølster. Here you can easily book a warm and comfortable stay on the steps to Lake Jølstravatnet.

Treat yourself to an excellent time in the Fyrig Sauna. Get together with friends, family or yourself - here there is room for everyone. The only thing you need is swimwear, towels and a good mood.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Fyrig Sauna

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