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Gautefall Event

Gautefall Event organizes and conducts events that leave a mark for those who want an experience out of the ordinary

Gautefall Event arranges and carries out experiences throughout all seasons in fantastic nature. Family, group of friends, team or company trip? You can join popular winter activities such as snowmobile driving with sledding on a snowbob, sleigh rides in a beautiful winter landscape, fun snowshoe tours and get skiing instruction in cross-country and alpine skiing. In the summer, you can join guided trail cycling tours in incredibly beautiful rocky areas and climbing in Via Ferrata.

Snowmobile safari with sledding on a snowbob
Gautefall Event offers snowmobiling with snowbob sledding. This is a popular activity, where you sit on sledges behind snowmobiles and are driven up to the top and sled back down on snowbobsleds. Minimum 5 people.

Skiing activities
If you want to get better at skiing, Gautefall Event offers skiing instruction in cross-country and alpine skiing (slalom, telemark, classic and skating), in addition to guided tours. Minimum 5 people.

Snowshoe trip
Take the group of friends/company on a guided snowshoe trip in untouched terrain with campfire coffee. This is an exciting, challenging and not least fun activity that everyone can join in on. Minimum 5 people.

Walking map
Gautefall Event offers adventurous sleigh rides in a beautiful winter landscape with horse, sledge, torches and something hot to drink. An unforgettable experience. Minimum 5 people.

Trail cycling
Gautefall Event organizes guided trail cycling tours in Northern Europe's most beautiful rock area, adapted to your skills. Gautefall Event provides fully damped top bikes. Gautefall also has a number of trails that are suitable for extreme cycling. If you are looking for excitement, mastery and nature experiences, Gautefall Event recommends this.

Climbing in Via Ferrata
​You can join Gautefall Event on a guided climbing trip up to the top of Hegneknuten. From the top you get a spectacular view of the beautiful natural landscape at Gautefall. With 170 meters of climbing, this trip takes approx. 2 hours. Requirements: normal form, not afraid of heights and age limit 10 years. Minimum 5 people.

Team building
Gautefall arranges programs for groups, companies and groups of friends at Camp Dalen all year round. You will be served from a simple dish to a 3-course dinner.

For information on prices and ordering, tel. 994 34 770 or email:

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Gautefall Event

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