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Gavlesjåstulen på Lifjell

Gavlesjåstulen is one of the oldest stulas on Lifjell that is still in operation. Sour cream porridge, milk, cream and sour cream can be bought at the premisis.

Gavlesjå is one of the oldest dairy farms on Lifjell and has been running for many generations, typically with about 30 milk cows in addition to heifers and calves.

Gavlesjå has been a part of the farm Sulia in Heddal since around 1800. More recently, the farm has kept around 6 or 7 milk cows and other young animals.

The stories say that the preist by the name of Svein lived here during the Black Plague at the end of the 1300s, and he planted an herb garden up in Blåur which can still be seen today, since it is quite unusual for the area. Up the mountain toward Slettefjell is where he is supposedly buried, in a place called “Svein røys.”

Today on the farm we manufacture many dairy products such as cheese, prim, butter, and rømmegraut for those who wish. You can also purchase milk, cream, sour cream, and rømmegraut.

After a day of travel, you can enjoy a nice swim in the lake.

How to get here:

From Notodden, take the E134, turn at Melås bridge, follow signs to Gavesjå. Drive past Åse and further to Myregvarv. Note 50kr barrier fee, then choose between two parking areas and follow the marked trails. You can choose between two trails: to the left over Stemningshauane, which will take about an hour; or to the right, which is easier and takes about 30 to 40 minutes. From Bø, drive past Sommarland, turn toward Årmotdalen and drive to Grønbyel (closed barrier). Follow the road til the lake, and then follow the path along the lake, takes about an hour.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Bø

Gavlesjåstulen på Lifjell

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