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Gildeskål church site

Gildeskål church site - historical gem on the Nordland coast

The unique Gildeskål church site tells of a thousand-year history. Some of Northern Europe's best masons around 1130 must have been brought to Gildeskål to participate in the construction of the medieval church, which today has one of the country's best-preserved baroque interiors. The text on the altar cloth indicates that the church in Catholic times was dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury. The cemetery where you can read about "the truth hated and persecuted teacher" and the Nordland Museum's Elias Blix exhibition in Prestegårdsfjøset tell exciting stories, best told by the museum's own guides. The main church, Northern Norway's oldest inhabited rectory from the 18th century and the memorials to Elias Blix and Oscar Sund spice up the experience. From the church hill there is a magnificent view of the islands and the shipping lane, and in the landscape you will find burial mounds, "Likvika" and the old church path towards Inndyr. Here you can explore nature's exciting flora with a variety of orchid species, or experience the tranquility accompanied by a historic buzz.

Source: Visit Bodö


Gildeskål church site

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