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Gjøvik gård

Gjøvik Gård – a town-centre oasis steeped in history
Gjøvik Gård is the manor house and big park in the heart Gjøvik, and is where history, recreation, and activities meet. Enjoy these historical grounds with the Frukthagen playground, and treat yourself to a lunch at Drengestua café. The manor house was given protected heritage status in 2008, and is today a museum where the town's history is told through the prominent characters who once called Gjøvik Gård their home. At Holmen Brenneri, the old distillery across the bridge, a rare and original glassworks selection from Gjøvik Glassverk is on display by the entrance to Vitensenteret Innlandet.

Drengestua café at Gjøvik Gård
Add an enjoyable café experience to your visit. Drengestua at Gjøvik Gård is renowned for its delicious lunches and cakes. On the menu are homemade treats, bread rolls, and flavoursome daytime dishes.
• See café opening hours and info

Season:  All year round
Duration:   1 hour recommended

The museum is open for groups by appointment all year round. Ideal to combine with a visit to one of our other attractions, such as Eiktunet open-air museum on the outskirts of town, Mjøsas Ark at Kapp, or Stenberg open-air museum at Toten.
• Please contact us for further information and prices.

Events at Gjøvik Gård
Gjøvik Gård plays host to an array of exhibitions, markets, and activities throughout the year. During the busy summer season, there are guided tours of the historical main building as well as free Saturday concerts known as "Toner på tunet".
• See schedule for guided tours and events at Gjøvik Gård

Why did Gjøvik become a town?
With the establishment of Gjøvigs Glasværk (1807-1843), the Kauffeldt family laid the foundations for Gjøvik as an industrial centre. At Gjøvik Gård, the main building from the glassworks era still remains. Pop in to explore the beautiful interior and listen to stories about the lively double wedding, Bjørnson's proposals, the Castbergian Child Laws, and why the estate was donated to the people of Gjøvik.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Gjøvik gård

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