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Gjerde - Haugafjellstølen

A steep hike in a south-facing, sunny location, and the chance to swim in a mountain reservoir if you are feeling especially bold. The hike to Haugafjellstølen is popular with residents of Gjerde who like to keep in shape. The shieling is sheltered from the wind, but still offers great views. Until 1952 it was a hive of activity in the summer, with dairymaids milking cattle and making cheese. The shieling buildings and grazing sheep are a reminder of those days.

Start: Parking place by Jostedal Hotell, Gjerde.  Walk 300 metres along the road from Gjerde towards Krundalen,as far as the Haugafjellstølen signpost on the right. The trail to Haugafjellstølen starts here. Follow the well-marked path up to the Vårstølen summer farm, where Jostedalen and the mountains Myrhorn and Vangsen come into view.

From Vårstølen, at 300 metres, the trail climbs steeply in somewhat exposed hairpin bends to reach a height of about 750 metres. Here, the ground flattens out as you approach the mountain ridge just south of Haugafjellstølen. Just before reaching the summer pasture farm, you descend into a little hollow and pass west of a small lake. The summer pasture farm stands on the north side of the lake. Nigardsdalen lies to the north, leading to the Nigardsbreen glacier. Haugavarden lies to the west, at 1,369 m above sea level. There is a rather poor trail that takes you some of the way towards Haugavarden, while the rest of the route is over bare rock or scree.

Hiking time: 1,5-2 h (going up)

Elevation: 180 m - 740 m

Distance: 2,5 km one way

Walking map (turkart): Breheimen

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Gjerde - Haugafjellstølen

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