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Gjerstadhuset (museum)

Museum Gjerstadhuset serves as the childhood home of "Snåsakaillen" Joralf Gjerstad (11.4.1926 - 18.6.2021), and it opened its doors to the public in 2012. The house has been preserved virtually identical to how it looked during his entire childhood. Originally from Berg Nedre, dating back to the mid-1800s, the house was relocated to its present location in 1924.

This house has been transformed into a museum that provides insights into their life and work. Inside, you'll find photographs of Joralf's family, the awards he and his wife Signe received, and you'll hear various stories.

For guided tours and inquiries about the house, please contact the Gjerstad Foundation: Ivar: +47 901 901 16 Jon Sverre: +47 986 74 446

About Joralf Gjerstad Joralf is renowned as "the man with the warm hands" and for his psychic abilities, often referred to as "the Snåsa Man" ("Snåsakaill'n"). Over 50,000 people have visited him in his home seeking healing, and he provided his services free of charge.

In addition to his healing abilities, Joralf has authored several books about local history and his own autobiographies. The most famous biography about Joralf, written by Ingar Sletten Kolloen, was published in 2008.

Joralf Gjerstad has been awarded the King's Medal of Merit in silver, and a documentary about his life, titled "Do You Feel the Warmth," has been broadcast on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Furthermore, at  Snåsa Hotell, you can find a "Joralf Museum," which includes an exhibition about Joralf's life and work, featuring photographs, newspaper clippings, and more, as well as a bust of "the Snåsa Man."

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Gjerstadhuset (museum)

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