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Glacier hike on Svartisen with Explore Svartisen

Join an adventurous glacier hike on the Engabreen glacier tongue in Svartisen, Meløy.

Svartisen looks stunning from a distance, but it is only when you get onto the ice that you truly experience this magical landscape. The deep blue color and the sound of the ice moving make glacier hiking on Svartisen a unique experience, and on a midnight sun tour, you can truly appreciate the contrasts of the northern Norwegian summer night.

Equipped with an ice axe, crampons, helmet, and harness, you will have an unforgettable adventure in the company of an experienced guide. If you have any special requests or needs, just contact Explore Svartisen, and they will help you create a customized plan.

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Glacier hike on Svartisen with Explore Svartisen

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