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Glampingtent PopUp Hagen / Kulturbruket Høytorp

At the small farm Høytorp in Skiptvet we find Simone and Thomas, they took over the small farm in 2022.

Accommodation with experiences
Accommodation in a glamping tent with breakfast in bed and a view of grazing sheep.

Do you want to wake up with a lamb on your stomach? Or for a delicious cup of coffee on the terrace while sheep, lambs, pigs and clucking hens wander around you? How about freshly hatched eggs for breakfast? Homemade liver pâté and home-baked rolls? Maybe you want to help feed the animals, meditate with a sheep or dig a little in the garden? You can pick your favorite vegetables from the field and we will prepare a dinner with what you like best. A basket for lunch is ready, and Glomma, Norways longest river, is half an hour's walk away. If you think this is too much farm romance, we can alternatively teach you how to butcher roosters or build a chair. They offer stories around the campfire in the evening and personal garden walks where you can get answers to most things about natural cultivation and fertilization. If you want to discover the child in you or play with the children, they can arrange tournaments, games and the construction of secret cabins in the forest.. Here the only limits are the imagination, but they have a lot of it thanks to their theater background and great joy in play.


Tent with room for 2-3 people NOK 1,200 per night
Tent with room for 4-6 people NOK 2300 per night
Breakfast per person NOK 150
Lunch basket for 2 people NOK 200
Dinner in the farm kitchen or served by the tent NOK 400 (adult) NOK 300 (child)
Family package for 2 adults and 2 children with all meals and activities for children and adults
NOK 5,000 per day (You agree on what kind of activities can suit your needs and create a package that is just for you).

The pop-up garden can offer accommodation, concerts, open days with animal care, garden walks and a cafe, courses, outdoor cinema and private events for those who want a completely unique experience.

At the small farm Popuphagen, Høytorp in Skiptvet, you will find Simone and Thomas who took over the farm in 2022. Simone and Thomas both come from the world of theater and are trained actors and directors with additional expertise in narrative theater and teaching. Now they want to bring life back to the farm and have a mix of culture, experiences, learning, short-traveled food and animals. The green garden stands in the center with an amphitheater in front where concerts and other events are held.

Customized event and gift card
They tailor a plan for you who want a different and sustainable experience for your family, company, group of friends or perhaps the first date with your girlfriend... See our offers for some of what they can arrange, but feel free to get in touch for something completely separate and unique .. They make gift cards if you want to give away an experience. Examples of a gift card can be; or dinner with ingredients from the farm in the farm kitchen together with the hosts who love to talk and listen and philosophize. You can also give away courses in vegetable growing, sausage making, cooking vegetarian food, building chairs or guided meditation with the sheep.

Send an email for prices and a conversation about the desired arrangement


They can offer courses for individuals, couples or groups in food, construction, gardening, animals and whatever it takes to follow our dreams and survive at the same time.

Build your own chair
Thomas can do more than tell stories. He has done carpentry both inside and outside on his own and other people's houses, but most of all he likes creative carpentry with recycled materials. The chairs have become his trademark and he has made many variations in recent years. Would you like to learn how to make a chair for the cabin or garden with your own materials? Bring your family or a friend and get a course and a chair home with you. Max 5 participants. The course lasts one day and includes lunch and coffee breaks.


Chair with own materials NOK 1,500 per chair
Chair with materials we provide NOK 2,000 per chair
(You can build a chair together or separately..)

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Glampingtent PopUp Hagen / Kulturbruket Høytorp

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