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Glamtents Glamping - Glamorous camping

Experience Glamping with Glamtents
It’s time to forget everything you know about camping and get a taste of Glamping, or in plain English: Glamorous luxury camping.

Stay in one of our tents (5 meters diameter and 3 metres to the central roof), cosy and fashionably furnished with beds, duvets, carpets and lanterns creating a near fairy tale-like mood. Our tents come equipped with electricity and ovens, ensuring that you may enjoy a warm, dry and intimate experience no matter the weather. On warm summer days it’s possible to roll up the walls, which makes the cooling air along the ground function as basic airconditioning.

Give glamping a try to naturally wake up from singing birds in a great bed, while the morning sun softly shines through the walls. When the lanterns lights up nearing the night, the mood turns magical… :)

A night with Glamtents is bound to be a memorable experience.


Source: Visit Innlandet


Glamtents Glamping - Glamorous camping

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