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Glasshytta på Vikten

In Northern Norway's oldest glassblowing hut, items are created that reflect the harsh surroundings and the rugged nature of Vikten.

The Glass Hut Vikten is located on the outskirts of the island Flakstadøya, in the heart of the rocky mountains, facing the big sea. The company was established back in the mid-1970s by Åsvar Tangrand, who in doing so became Northern Norway's first glassblower. Today the place is run by his son Anders Tangrand.

If you are looking for delicate glass and minute details, the Glass Hut Vikten is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for unique and rustic products, often incorporating stone, metal and bubbles, you have found your oasis.

Anders Tangrand grew up on Vikten, and has been trained in glassblowing since he was a little boy. The centre is well laid out for visitors to see him at work firsthand as he experiments with various glassblowing techniques and expressions. Here you can see him at work when he makes, amongst other things, tea-candlesticks with quartz stone, glass hearts cast in waffle irons and when he - with his very own method – conjures up rough glass fish.

The Glass Hut also houses a retail outlet that boasts a wide variety of choices, including, but not limited to, decanters, bowls and various decorative ornaments. They also sell the popular Lofotruna, a sculpture made out of wrought iron and glass, designed by the Vikten Glass Hut’s founder. Lofotruna represents man, the fish and the boat, thus encapsulating the essence of Lofoten’s livelihood through the ages.

Ever since its inception, the centre has welcomed glassblowers from abroad, including Slovakia, Finland and Lithuania. According to Anders Tangrand, they inject excitement and dynamism into the glass hut, continuously providing visitors with new experiences.

Did you know...
... the quartz stone used in the glass hut is taken from the mountain just above Vikten?

The Vikten Glass Hut is located at the far end of the Flakstad peninsula, about 20 km from Leknes. Once you've seen Anders Tangrand at work in front of the open flames, you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee and homemade cakes in the café at the centre.

If you would rather go for a walk, a stroll along the sea to Hornneset is well recommended. You can also trek into the mountains, from the Glass Hut at Vikten you can hike straight up to Hustinden or Tverrfjellet.

Source: Destination Lofoten


Glasshytta på Vikten

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