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Glittersjå Mountain Farm


Welcome to Glittersjå Mountain Farm, with its well-preserved, traditional Norwegian buildings and old Norwegian animal breeds. This is a private zoo in an old mountain farm in Jotunheimen.

Glittersjå is situated in beautiful countryside and the farm itself is like a playground for young and old. The farm is situated at the foot of Jotunheimen and has views to mount Glittertind, Norway’s second highest mountain.

We serve food from our newly restored brewery house, which has its own bread oven. In our traditional guesthouse we have 5 double rooms, a mezzanine and bathroom.

Daily itinerary

11.00 – Grooming the horses and ponies, for children.
12.00 – Horse riding, for children.
14:00 – Guided tour of the farm and feeding the animals.
15.00 – Horse and carriage rides


– Pony trekking
– Horse and carriage rides
– visiting bear forest
– Farm tour and feeding the animals
– Cafeteria
– Mountain walks
– Bike rides

“Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” (Where no one believed that anyone could live)

Oddgeir Bruaset visited Glittersjå. Click here to see the episode of “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu”, which was recorded at the foot of Jotunheimen.

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Glittersjå Mountain Farm


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