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Global Blue Tax Free

Save Money on your Shopping! Tax Free refunds from Global Blue are available for all persons residing outside Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Global Blue is The world's leading provider of the Tax Free service, the service is available in more than 5000 stores in Norway and let you save up to 19% on your purchases.

What can you buy, how much you need to shop for, and how much will you get refunded?
You must shop for at least 315 NOK in the same store.
Up to 19% of the purchase amount will be refunded to you when you leave Norway. Goods without VAT such as stamps and books + services as tickets, taxi- and restaurant bills are not applicable to the Tax Free service.
The goods must be taken out of Norway within one month of the date of purchase.

How to shop Tax Free with Global Blue
Always ask the store for a Global Blue Tax Free form when you pay for your purchases. Without a Tax Free form, it's not possible to receive the Tax Refund when you leave Norway.

Where do you get your Tax Refund?
To get your Tax Free refund, go to a Global Blue Refund Office when leaving Norway. The offices are located at airports, border crossings, ferries and onboard cruise ships. Remember that you have to present the goods for export validation.
List of all the Global Blue Refund Offices in Norway.

Simplify the Tax Free Shopping process
All your Tax Free forms must be completed with following information before you arrive at the Refund Office:

- Passport no
- Full Name
- Address
- Credit Card number.

Sign up as a FREE Global Blue member via this link, and you will not need to fill all your Tax Free forms by hand: When you are registered, please save your digital Global Blue barcode in your wallet at your phone, and always scan this barcode in the store in their Tax Free issuing solution. All your Tax Free forms will now be automatically printed with your personal information.

Source: Visit Bergen


Global Blue Tax Free

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