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Glomnesfossen Waterfall

Glomnesfossen is a large, beautiful waterfall near Hjelle beside Oppstrynsvatnet lake.

You can see the waterfall on the other side of Oppstrynsvatnet lake when you drive east towards Grotli. Just before the tunnel at Hjelle, you can turn right and take the old road past the hotel and turn left across the river towards Glomnes.

Drive carefully as there is a school and kindergarten close by. Drive along the lake until you come to a car park, where there is a parking fee.

Walk along the gravel road to the farm cluster at Glomnes. This is also the way back down to the road again when you have finished the walk. Continue until you come to the sign ‘Glomnesfossen’ and please show consideration for other people’s property as you walk past the houses. You can already see the waterfall to your right.

The waterfall is at its most impressive when the snow melts in spring until well into the summer and autumn. The waterfall originates from Glomsdøla river further up Glomsdalen valley (12.9 km) and is fed by melted snow and ice from several small glaciers. They don’t all have names, but one is called Nautbreen. The average volume of Glomsfossen is 2.45 m³/s. The river is protected from hydropower development.

If you enjoy hiking, the car park is a popular starting point for a number of hikes. One of them is along the waterfall to Segestad (Sigdestad) mountain farm, which offers fantastic views over Oppstrynsvatnet lake and the valley. You can also walk further into Glomnesdalen valley to Glomnessetra pasture farm.

Source: Nordfjord


Glomnesfossen Waterfall

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