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Golsfjellet - Stølsvidda med overnatting

You can cycle Mjølkevegen between Golsfjellet and Vaset/Gomobu with or without an overnight stay. Mjølkevegen connects the cycling routes at Golsfjellet and Valdres with a range of possibilities for different combinations for day and overnight trips. This is a suggestion for a two-day trip with start at Golsfjellet with a recommended overnight stay in Vaset/Gomobu.  

Day 1:
As we describe it, the tour starts at Kamben and follows the gravel road Golsfjellveien to Lake Tisleifjorden and over the dam. It now follows the Mjølkevegen route via Furuset to Gauklia. Take a rest at the cycling shelter at the Furuset crossing and enjoy the view towards the mountain Skogshorn. You may want to push your bike in the steepest part of the ascend at Gauklia. Continue in low gear less steep onto the plateau towards Brattåsen where you reach the highest point of the tour and the distant mountains of Jotunheimen come into view. Now it’s easy cycling to the idyllic mountain farm area of Valtjernstølan and further to Gomobu while you follow the Mjølkevegen cycling route all the time. 
You can choose to stay overnight at Gomobu or at Vaset which is 3 km further downhill, or you can use your own tent. The real fit may even cycle back towards Golsfjellet on the same day. 

Day 2:
After a good night’s sleep, you take a different route back to Golsfjellet. From Vaset, follow the road Panoramavegen. If you stayed at Gomobu you can cut short from above the apartment buildings and cross the alpine skiing slope in order to reach Panoramavegen at the toll station. Continue to the top of the hill. Here you turn left towards Krististølen. As you pass the mountain farm, you can enjoy the view towards Skogshorn and Golsfjellet. You can now look forward to a downhill run all the way to the banks of Lake Storfjorden. In nice weather a rest at one of the boat sheds on the water’s edge might be tempting. 
You are now back on Panoramavegen which you follow to the left, but you keep straight ahead onto Tisleivegen a little further ahead and follow it to Langestølen. There’s another beautiful rest area where the road runs right along the River Flya. We recommend a stop at the kiosk/convenience store at Langestølen for a waffle or a «rømmegrøt» (trad. sour cream porridge). 
Continue on Tisleivegen until the Furuset crossing and turn right towards the dam. Now you are soon “back home”. 

Enjoy the trip!

Distance day 1: approx. 25 km
Distance day 2: approx. 32 km
Terrain: Firm gravel roads 
Difficulty: Easy with one steep ascend at Gauklia. Suitable for trailers. Highest elevation approx. 1050 m.a.s.l. at Brattåsen

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Golsfjellet - Stølsvidda med overnatting

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