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Grønligrotta cave near Mo i Rana

Grønligrotta, with its network of passages and beautiful limestone formations, has long been one of the most visited caves in Scandinavia. Electric lighting allows you to more fully appreciate it this natural wonder, which ice and water took 700,000 years to sculpt.

Grønligrotta, situated near the town of Mo i Rana, is an extraordinary natural attraction, an experience well-suited for the whole family. A guided tour highlights its features and gives you insight into the powerful forces that carved out the cave and shaped the rock formations inside.

Your guide will take you along a route that lets you have a closer look at the glacial potholes called “giant’s cauldrons”, stalactites and other beautiful limestone formations. The cave even has a stream and an underground waterfall! There is also an embedded granite rock, carried from miles away by a raging torrent of meltwater as the last ice age was ending.

The guided tour, which takes 45–60 minutes, is suitable for everyone, young and old.

There are several scheduled tours daily during the summer. There is no pre-booking. Just show up, buy a ticket and join the first available tour.

Near the cave is a café that offers coffee and refreshments, waffles and other snacks and light dishes.

What to wear in the cave
Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes. Even on a hot day, you should bring a sweater, as the cave is always cold. Temperatures inside Grønligrotta are 4–8˚C (39–47˚F).

Camping is available near the cave. You can pitch a tent, or park your caravan or camper. There is a service facility where you have access to showers and toilets, and electrical outlets. Please be advised that the last stretch of road up to the cave is quite steep, and you should not attempt to drive all the way up in a caravan or large vehicle.

Røssvoll Camping is situated near a turnoff from highway E6. They offer cabins for rent, as well as spots where you can park a caravan or camper.

Other activities
The town of Mo i Rana is surrounded by fjords and mountains. The area offers a wide range of natural attractions and adventures. Be sure to also visit Svartisen glacier, and the natural marble formations known as Marmorslottet (the marble castle).

If you are eager to see more caves, we recommend Setergrotta. It’s a little more challenging, because little has been done to facilitate public visits. Here you will need to climb between large boulders, and squeeze your way through narrow passages to explore the large chambers within.

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Grønligrotta cave near Mo i Rana

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