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Grøtfjord beach

On Kvaløya you will find the beach paradise Grøtfjord surrounded by fantastic nature and mountains. It is the perfect place to visit for some arctic beach life, and the beach has amenities for visitors.

Grøtfjord beach is idyllically located in the bottom of a small fjord, with beautiful mountains as a backdrop and views of Vengsøy (island) and the open sea. The large sandy beach fills up quickly on sunny summer days and is a popular swimming destination. It is a shallow beach, which makes it ideal for children.

The area also offers great hiking opportunities in summer and autumn. One alternative is Smørstabben, a child-friendly mountain hike that offers great views. And what isn’t better than a refreshing swim after a lovely trip?

In the summer, many visit Grøtfjord to experience the midnight sun, either as an evening trip or in a tent. It is also a great place to observe the Northern Lights. During the autumn and winter season there are often good surfing conditions in Grøtfjord.

Adjacent to the beach there is a car park, barbecue huts, campfire pits and disability-friendly toilets. It costs NOK 10 to use the toilet, and you can use your credit card for payment. Parking costs NOK 30, and camping NOK 60. Payment in cash in the mailbox at the parking place.

Grøtfjord is located 36 kilometers from Tromsø, and can best be reached by car. It takes 45 minutes to drive there. There is one bus a day (weekdays, not weekends) with Grøtfjord as a destination, it leaves in the afternoon. The return trip to Tromsø is early in the morning, so you need to stay the night in Grøtfjord.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Grøtfjord beach

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