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Grane open-air museum at Trofors

This museum, Grane Bygdetun, documents the logging industry that once floated large quantities of timber down the Vefsna river. There is an exhibition about the local silver mine, which was the second largest in Norway. Also documented are dramatic local World War II events.

Grane also has long forestry traditions, and the museum gives this well-deserved attention. The open-air museum comprises numerous 18th and 19th-century buildings that have been moved here from different parts of the district. There was once a hand-operated sawmill here, where logs were sawn into lumber. The sawmill has been reconstructed.

The museum is beautifully situated in evocative surroundings on the bank of the Vefsna river, surrounded by tall spruce trees, making it an attractive destination for local outings. There are picnic areas along the river.

Another museum facility is Stavassdalen, a restored mountain farm situated at the entrance to Lomsdal-Visten National Park. Here you can still see traces of the farming activity from the 18th century, remains of Sámi settlements, evidence of the timber floating done in the past, and signs of dramatic World War II events. To find out more, please vist

Also worth a visit is Laksforsen, a mighty 17-metre waterfall. Downstairs in the building here, the museum has a photo exhibition on the history of the Vefsna river, and the salmon fishing in its heyday.

RiverNorth Rafting has a wilderness camp near the rural museum. They offer a variety of rafting adventures.

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Grane open-air museum at Trofors

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