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Graphic Art from Morten Jensen Vågen

In the centre of Straumen, graphic artist Morten Jensen Vågen has created a fantasy landscape inspired by Inderøy on the wall of Coop Extra. He has drawn plants as big as trees, a lake and associated sea creatures and on the picture you can see parts of the landscape. When he added the image, he played with his imagination and created a psychedelic version of Inderøy. The image was created in 2015 and the idea behind the graffiti project was the brainchild of Anne Kathrine Oxaal, who works at VIDU Inderøy.

The art covers the entire long wall at the back of Coop Ekstra and the images posted at this presentation do not give a complete picture of this fantastic customer. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Morten also stands the bake street art you find above the entrance of Sund Folkehøgskole. He has also drawn on the walls of each floor of the boarding school, but it is of course not visible to the public unless you have the opportunity to visit someone living at the boarding school.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Graphic Art from Morten Jensen Vågen

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