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Grini Farm shop

Welcome to Grini Farm Shop where we sell our home made gluten free almond cakes and local produced meat, jam, egg and cheese from other producers. You find us just outside Oslo in Eiksmarka.

In Grini Farm shop you will find Grini Hjemmebakeri's almond cakes and own products, as well as meat, jam, eggs, cheese etc. from our colleagues in the Farmer's Market and from other local producers.

Grini home bakery bakes juicy almond cakes, almond sticks dipped in chocolate and the most delicious almond roses. We take pride in making every little mouthful an unforgettable experience. All our cakes are made from scratch inhouse. The almond cake mass consists of almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites. Completely gluten free. No preservatives or additives. The egg white comes from organic eggs.

The product range varies slightly during the seasons. Welcome.

Member of Visit Greater Oslo 

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Grini Farm shop

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