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Guest Marina, Meløyvær in Harstad

It is a fantastic archipelago consisting of 52 islands. Fine white sandy beaches and excellent conditions for walking around the islands.

NO. OF VISITOR'S BERTHS: 3-6 (28m flytebrygge) APPROACH: Approach from SW between stone marker and Svinøya. The marina complex does not come into sight until one is completely inside and clear of hamnholmen. MOORING: floating jetty MAX DRAUGHT: 2.5 m TROUBLE WIND: a little exposed to northerlies BERTH RATE PER NIGHT: NOK 50 + 25 for elec LOCALITY / PLACE: Bjarkøy kommune, Meløyvær LAT/LONG: N69 04. 542, E016 29. 964 OTHER INFORMATION: Meløyvær is an old closed-down fishing station. There were mining operations during 1900's. There are currently 9 residents, but many return to the island in summer. Saturday cafe is arranged at the youth house 1200 to 1400 hours during summer. It is a fantastic island kingdom comprising 52 grasscovered islands and islets. Beaches white as chalk and good conditions for walking around. We have now installed floating jetties so that more people are given the opportunity to visit us and experience our "Paradise".

Source: Destination Harstad


Guest Marina, Meløyvær in Harstad

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