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Guided cultural walk on Tranøya Island

Tranøya is a small island on the southern coast of Senja. The island has no vehicle traffic. In fact, the only motorised vehicle on the entire island is the tractor on the farm. This is the place to enjoy peace and quiet.

Book a guide for historical cultural walking.
Tranøya has been inhabited for 2000 years, and our local guide guides you through the rich history of people who have been to the island before us.

The cultural walk gives you an insight into life on the island from the Viking Age to the present.
The walk deals with the farm area, boathouse sites and grave sites from the Viking Age and a tour of Tranøy church.

Price kr. 325, - p.p.
About 1.5 hours of hiking
Minimum 2 participants

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Guided cultural walk on Tranøya Island

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