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Guided hike to the Viking trail Sverrestigen - Wild Voss

Join us on a challenging hike through historic scenery. In 1177, Sverre Sigurdsson and his army of Birkebeiner rebels were fleeing eastwards from Voss. The route they took was named Sverrestigen. Join us as we walk in the footsteps of the vikings.

Trip outline.
Raundalen is a 25 kilometer long valley that stretches from the landmark of Rastalii, all the way to Upsete. Thanks to its wild nature and fascinating history, Raundalen is the perfect valley for hiking. A rare gem, just a few kilometres outside of Voss!

Sverrestigen is one of the most remarkable trails in Raundalen. The trail starts close to a deep, narrow gorge that shapes an impressive entrance to the valley. After a few minutes of easy walking on the paved road, we exit into the forest and follow in the footsteps of the Viking king named Sverre Sigurdsson!
In late October 1177, Sverre Sigurdsson approached Voss from the east. He was the leader of the Birkebeiner-rebels based in eastern Norway. Supported by an army of seasoned fighters, Sverre was on his way to Bjørgvin (Bergen). He was campaigning for the throne, and had many enemies. Unexpectedly, Sverre and his men were stopped near Voss by an army of farmers assembled from the nearby villages. King Sverre and his men, severely outnumbered, was engaged in battle and forced to escape back the way he came. The farmers had blocked the normal passage east. Instead, Sverre and his army were forced to climb past a steep and exposed cliff section near the mouth of the valley called Raundalen. This route still holds the name «Sverre’s path» (Sverrestigen).
We make it to the starting point of our hike by catching the train to Klyve, just a couple of stops out of Voss. From Klyve we quickly reach the landmark called Rastalii, at the start of Sverrestigen. The trail is steep and has a couple of exposed, impressive passages. Alternative routes are possible if the conditions are wet or difficult. The route then leads us to the very top of Klyvsnolten (730 m), high above the deep river gorge at the base of the valley.
Before we continue on the broad ridge, we stop for a lunch break and enjoy the unique panorama of all the mountains of Voss. The next leg brings us to the old Raundal trail, which we follow down through the forest to Klyve.
After a pleasant walk downhill, we catch a train back to Voss.

Reasons to go
This trip combines spectacular nature with an exciting history, allowing for an authentic experience through the wild nature of Raundalen. If conditions don't allow for an ascent of the steep Sverrestigen route, we still get to enjoy a lovely hike through lush forests, well away from the crowds. The ascent of Klyvsnolten is steep and follows no distinct path, offering a true sense of adventure.

Season and availability
Bookable daily from Mai 10th to October 25th.
During the busiest weeks of summer, we might not have available guides every day. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email if it looks like the trip is unavailable online. We’ll try to find a solution for you.

Physical requirements
Sverrestigen is a steep and moderately exposed route with few in-place safety installations. Our guide brings all the necessary safety equipment. Participants should not have a fear of heights, and should have some hiking experience from rugged terrain. In wet or slippery conditions, we will follow a less exposed route.

Necessary equipment
On this hike you will need the following equipment:

• Sturdy hiking shoes or hiking boots.
• Waterproof clothing (shell layer).
• Small rucksack (20 litres).
• An extra t-shirt and an extra sweater.
• Beanie or a cap.
• Sun glasses and sun lotion
• Some snacks and a water bottle (1 litre).
• Trekking poles are recommended.

Included in the price:
• A qualified guide during your entire trip.
• Pre-trip practical information and service.
• A light meal of locally crafted food, including drinks – prepared on a stove.
• All necessary safety equipment.
• Access to extra clothing and trekking poles free of charge.
• Transportation from Voss to the starting point and back to Voss.

Not included in the price:
Transportation to Voss ahead of the trip.

By booking this trip, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed upon our Terms of service and Risk and liability statement.

A note on responsible travel and sustainability
At Wild Voss, we put in a continuous effort to reduce the ecological and environmental impact of our trips and activities. We aim to follow the latest GSTC criteria for sustainable travel. As a participant on one of our trips, you should know the following:

• We follow the Leave No Trace principles.
• We make use of zero-emission infrastructure whenever possible.
• Our trips are on foot, skis or snowshoes, causing no emissions and limiting the impact on nature and eco systems.
• Our guide will share knowledge about local culture, sites we visit and local customs.
• We support responsible local businesses.
• Your guide will advocate low-impact travel and raise the participants’ awareness of local wildlife.
• We abide by laws and regulations concerning travel in free nature and cultural landscape.
• We seek to minimize waste, and choose products and packaging with long life spans.

Reservations, questions or inquiries
Please call Øystein on +47 93484041 or email us at .

Sverrestigen trip details
Estimated total distance: 9 km.
Estimated hiking duration: 4-5 hours, including breaks.
Total ascent: 600 meters.
Trip grading: Moderate to difficult, depending on route variation.
Family friendly: Yes, suitable for kids aged 8 and above.

Source: Destinasjon Voss


Guided hike to the Viking trail Sverrestigen - Wild Voss

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