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Guided hikes and courses on Okstinbreen

Experience the beautiful Okstindbreen and Oksskolten with Bodø Fjellføring and join exciting glacier tours and courses in a magnificent glacier landscape. At 1,916 meters above sea level, Oksskolten is Northern Norway’s highest mountain and an impressive sight in a wild and beautiful mountain massif.

Guided hikes
Join an exciting journey through one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain areas with experienced guides from Bodø Fjellføring. Together with the guides, trips to Austre Okstindbreen and Oksskolten become a safe and memorable experience.

Glacier hike on Austre Okstindbreen
Do you dream of walking on a glacier? Then a trip with Bodø Fjellføring to Austre Okstindbreen is an experience you won’t forget. Experience deep-blue crevasses in a magnificent glacier landscape and learn how to use crampons and ice axes. The hike up to the glacier from the parking lot takes about an hour and a half, and on the glacier itself. The guides tailor the tour to the participants, weather, and conditions. It’s not a very demanding trip, but you need to be in decent hiking shape and be prepared to ascend between 500 and 700 meters in a day.

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Oksskolten 1916 moh.
Join us at the roof of Northern Norway, Oksskolten. Standing at 1,916 meters above sea level, it is an impressive mountain covered with glaciers on all sides. Together with the guide from Bodø Fjellføring, you’ll embark on a long and beautiful day in the mountains. The itinerary includes around 1,500 meters of elevation gain, crossing the Austre Okstindbreen glacier, and a steep trail to the summit. This is a long hike that requires good physical fitness and is one of the ‘Seven challenging summit hikes in Helgeland.’ (

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Glacier course on Austre Okstindbreen
If you want to learn more about safely crossing glaciers on your own, Bodø Fjellføring offers glacier courses for traveling on blue ice (exposed ice) and snow-covered glaciers with skis. Many high peaks in Norway require glacier crossings, and here you can learn the basics for a safe glacier tour with your friends. Over three days, you will learn about using crampons and ice axes, rope team routines and rescue, how to read the glacier, and much more. Experience the joy of safely navigating magnificent, glacier-clad landscapes and gain the knowledge and skills you need for future glacier tours.

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Guided hikes and courses on Okstinbreen

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