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Guided morning tour around Longyearbyen and surroundings - Longyearbyen Guiding


Start your stay in Svalbard with a pleasant and comfortable trip by minibus around Longyearbyen and in the surrounding areas with a local guide. This way you will quickly get to know all the wonderful places and attractions in the area and get the most out of your stay.

Start your first day in Longyearbyen with a pleasant and comfortable minibus tour around the town. This gives you a great overview of the most exciting places in the city that you can explore in more detail later on your own.

In Svalbard, the light is constantly changing, and especially in the mornings, you can experience a rapid shift that gives you the feeling that both the days and the seasons here move a bit faster than on the mainland. The guide will share firsthand stories from the island over the past 35 years and show you the must-visit places.

A tour with Longyearbyen Guiding is more than just a minibus tour from hotspot to hotspot. Our guide Magnus, who grew up here, shares stories about the old mining town, what life was like here then and now, and historical events and personal experiences from his 30 years of work up here. That means you, as a guest, get an authentic introduction to the culture and history of Svalbard. Self-experienced dramatic stories, in-depth knowledge about the mines of Store Norske, and a truthful and exciting history of the miners and their lives. Additionally, you will be taken to places and attractions that most others will never know about.

There will be several stops for photography on all our tours.
Departure every day starting at 09:00. 

Welcome to our tour!

Last updated: 03/21/2024

Source: Svalbard Reiseliv AS

Guided morning tour around Longyearbyen and surroundings - Longyearbyen Guiding


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