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Guided mountain hike in Vesterålen - Adventure 4 Life


Join us for a memorable and majestic mountain hike with spectacular views and storytelling.

Our guided hikes are in the mountains in the southern part of the Vesterålen islands. The mountain guide will "spice" the hike with interesting stories and facts about the area and fauna where we are hiking. The unbeatable combination of the mountains and fjords, makes the hike a grand experience. When on top of a mountain, the view is so beautiful that you want to stay there forever.

There are a lot of eagles in our region. We can almost guarantee that we will see this majestic bird soar above us, looking for a prey. Moose is also common to see, while the population is high in these areas. You can see the Midnight Sun in Vesterålen between the 22nd. of May until the 21st. of July. We are happy to arrange hiking tours which make you sit on a mountain top at 1 am., when the sun is at its lowest.

We are offering tours to different mountains on the different days of the week, so you will not get the same experience if you want to attend to several tours.

Program for our guests - Pick-up points are at Melbu, Stokmarknes and Sortland (an additional cost will apply for pick-up point Sortland).
- Transport to the mountain we are to ascend, which is a 5-20 minutes drive from Stokmarknes or Melbu. An extra half an hour drive if you are picked up at Sortland. When arriving at the foot of the mountain, our guests will be provided with poles (if needed).
- The guided mountain hike begins. During the hike there will be plenty of breaks where you can enjoy the view, food and drinks. Remember to bring your camera.
- After 4-6 hours, we will return to the pick-up points.

Included in the tour - Transport to/from the foot of the mountain and pick-up points
- Norwegian/Danish, English speaking mountain guide
- Guided hike to the summit of the day
- Hiking poles

Want to make the experience even more memorable? We want to make the experience even more memorable for our guests.

That’s why we offer pictures and video taken by drone of the spectacular surroundings with you in the frame during the hike.

This service is not included in the price of the tour, but can be added for an additional price of NOK 795.

Please note that this offer is only available:
- on days without too much wind
- in non-restricted areas
- on tours where the guide has a drone pilot certificate

Do you need food and drinks on tour? It is possible to rent a backpack included local food, hot and cold drinks for NOK 295.

Source: Visit Vesterålen


Guided mountain hike in Vesterålen - Adventure 4 Life


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