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Guided mountain tours on Dønna and the Seven Sisters


Join a guided mountain tour to three of the finest hiking destinations in Dønna and Sandnessjøen. Herøy Kayak & Bike can guide you on an easy hike to Åkvikfjellet or Markvollkulpen, or join us to the top of the spectacular mountain Dønnamannen.

Herøy Kayak & Bike can take you on some of the finest mountain hikes along the Helgeland coast. From easy hikes up Åkvikfjellet in Dønna to Markvollkulpen in the Seven Sisters, to a longer hike to the summit of the tall, steep Dønnamannen.

Dønnamannen 858 meters above sea level, around 5 hours
Dønnamannen is a steep and rugged mountain, with its highest peak towering 858 meters above sea level. From the top, you'll get a spectacular view of the Helgeland coast with the islands and mountains around Dønna. The hike is steep and challenging, so you should be in decent mountain shape and comfortable with steep terrain.

Åkvikfjellet 293 meters above sea level, around 2 hours
Åkvikfjellet is one of the lower mountains on Dønna, just north of Herøy. Facing the lower landscape of the archipelago to the south, along with the views of Dønnamannen, the Seven Sisters, Lovund, and Træna, you'll have a fabulous view even though the hike is short.

Markvollkulpen 249 meters above sea level, around 3 hours
Markvollkulpen is located on the way up to the peaks of the Seven Sisters, but at only around 250 meters in height. While the hike to the peaks is challenging, this one is short and easy enough for the whole family. The terrain is slightly steep in a couple of places, but the trail is good.

All hikes require hiking boots or sturdy shoes, and clothing suitable for the weather. Herøy Kayak & Bike has local guides who are familiar with both the terrain and the weather conditions in the area. Get in touch, and they'll help you plan the right hike for the right time.

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Guided mountain tours on Dønna and the Seven Sisters


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