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Guided tour at Fredriksten fortress

Join one of our eminent guides on an exciting tour of Fredriksten Fortress, Halden, - "Often besieged, never defeated!"

How did they build the fortress, and who did it? Who is "the white lady"? What really happend to the Sweedish king Karl XII?

Guided tour at the fortress Fredriksten. Join our guide on a historical tour more than 350 years back in time...

Timetable 2021

We guide for you, whenever you want:

Our tours can be booked all year round.

DURATION: 1 hour

CAPACITY: 0-500 pers

SEASON: all year around

Time and theme can also be customized. Se our varied and rich "guidemenu":

1. Fortress history - 1 hour outdoor tour. 0-500 pers

Some of the most dramatic events in Norwegian war history have taken place at Fredriksten Fortress. Six times the fortress has been attacked but never conquered. "Often besieged - never defeated"

Start: bus parking. NOK 110,-pr person (NOK2750,- for groups under 25 persons)

2. Fortress History Plus - 2 hour tour. 0-100 pers

Two hours of the fortress' unique history. A walk outside, and can also be combined with museum visits. Attendance is arranged; Main car park, Fredriksten Hotell or Halden Torg.

Start: bus parking. NOK 160 per person (NOK 4,000 for groups under 25 people)

3. World War II at Fredriksten - 2 hours outdoors. Max 20 people pr group

Did you know that the Germans used the fortress for both accomodation and prison? The main goal was the border guard, but why did they choose outdated Fredriksten, and what did they do here? Remember to bring a to.

Start: at the top of the lower bus park (gravel space). NOK 4,000 per group.

4. Ghost walk - 2 hours outdoors. Max 20 people pr group

If you wouhuuuld! An unusual walk. Maybe you see or hear something you have not seen before? This tour is best suited when it is dark ...

Start: Ravelingården. NOK 4,000 per group

5. Family tour - 1 hour outdoors 

NB: Regular tours during the summer season - click here for information about times and prices!

Bring your family and hear the fortress' exciting and eventful history from the very beginning over 350 years ago. How was the fortress built? Is There a White Lady? Did they have WC?

Start: bus parking. NOK 110 per person (NOK 2750 for groups under 25 people)

6. Speed ​​guiding - 20 minutes Anytime, anywhere. 0-500 pers

Do you have lack of time, but are curious about what really happened at the fortress, Sørhalden or in the city? We get where you are and tell the story you want to know, or the one you may not have known you wanted to know ...

Start: where you want NOK 110 per person (NOK 2750 for groups under 25 people)

7. Fredriksten with "water hole" - minimum 20 people

Bring colleagues, friends or friends of friends and hear the fortress' exciting and eventful history since its inception over 350 years ago. On the way, there will be a "water hole" before the evening ends with dinner at one of the fortress' restaurants. We arrange the company - you invite!

Start: bus parking. Price on request

Do you want more? We fix most things, just get in touch if it should be "Waterhole", dining, lunch, activities, entrance to the museum or other wishes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us on tel. +47 69 19 09 80,, or via Facebook!

Source: Halden Turist


Guided tour at Fredriksten fortress

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