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Guided tour in Værlandet and Bulandet

The local guide, Ruth Bakke takes you on a beautiful tour in the island community Værlandet and Bulandet.

Experience the fabulous open landscape at Værlandet and Bulandet through the eyes of a local, private guide! Your guide, Ruth Bakke, is a charismatic lady, born and raised at Værlandet. Join Ruth for a guided tour among a myriad of islands. Learn about the local flora and the outstanding geology on the spot. Gain insight into everyday life of the inhabitants living in a small coastal community.

Ruth customize the guided trip according to your wishes. You can choose which elements you would like to include in your guided tour: - Guided walk in the local fauna - Guided bicycle tour from Værlandet to Bulandet - Visit a museum - Visit exhibitions with art from local artists - Guided bus tour

Welcome to Norway's most western archipelagos with an all year community!

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Guided tour in Værlandet and Bulandet

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