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Guided Trip to Steinavær

Steinavær or "Steine" is an archipelago located in Andfjorden, between Senja and Andøy. "Styrmansholmen" is the biggest of the islands and where the main harbor is located. Steinavær and other groups of islands in the area were populated in order to shorten the distance to the fishing grounds and its rich abundances of cod. Large breakwaters turned weather-exposed natural harbors into quiet lagoons in the middle of the ocean. As boats got bigger and sails and oars were replaced with engines, people took buildings and houses with them and moved closer to the mainland, most of them to Senja. Steinavær had a permanent settlement until 1912, and was completely abandoned in 1914. Foundations, wells, pier foundations, small roads, and quarries can still be seen on the islands making it easy to imagine the hard way of life that took place there more than a century ago.

The trip starts in Skrolsvik with safety briefing and information. The captain and guide will see to that all participants are properly clothed before the adventure begins. The voyage across the sea is about 7,5 nautical miles from Skrolsvik and takes approximately 25 minutes each way.

Last updated: 10/04/2023

Source: Skrolsvik Kystferie

Guided Trip to Steinavær

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