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Guidet bon fire tour near Oslo - 4 hours

Guided bonfire tour starting from Lommedalen including hot drinks and bonfire food. Experience nature's winter magic with friends and family.

1. Guided bonfire tour – discover the magic of Krokskogen

The tour inspires guest to indulge in interesting conversations around the campfire. Here you will discoverr inner peace. Serving of hot drinks and bonfire food (toast). We walk up to one of the beautiful hills with a great view of Lommedalen.

Practical info:

Tour start from By or Tobonn in Lommedalen. (Bus goes to By)
Duration about 4 hours, and 45 min. Walk to campsite.

Minimum 3 people per trip. Suitable for groups from 3 - 10 people

Price 550,- per person incl.  coffee/tea and a light meal on the fire

2. Bonfire tour upgraded version:

Same as above. Private guided tour for friends, bachelor parties or extended family with local flavors and more focus on food and drinks. Agreed upon by appointment. Discover winter magic at the ready-made campsite.

Serving of cured meat with side dishes  / cheese and biscuits with side dishes and hot drinks.

Possibility to bring your own drinks such as beer and wine.

Price 750,- per person by min 5. persons. Suitable for a total group of 5-8 people

Member of Visit Greater Oslo

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Guidet bon fire tour near Oslo - 4 hours

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