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Gytridalen og Nedreholten

Area: Oldedalen Type: Foot Grading: Medium Length to Gytridalen: 3 km Length to Nedreholten: 1.8 km Season: All year round

Start at the parking at Gryta Camping. Follow the path at the right (northern) side of the river. There`s a beautiful view towards Gytribreen and the Gytrifossen during most of the hike. The path ends at Storesteinen. Continue to Nedreholten for a breathtaking view over Oldedalen, and follow the signs back to Gryta Camping afterwards. You can also walk from Gytri to Gytrisetra and Yri. Starting point and more information on the other side of the river.

Source: Nordfjord


Gytridalen og Nedreholten

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