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TripAdvisor rating of 3.5


Hægefjell Nissedal

A GREAT HIKE FOR THOSE WHO ARE light on their feet – the mountainside is steep.

The experience begins at the Fjone ferry on Route 41. The first part of the trek follows a dirt road, before entering a mystical forest where the trail quickly starts ascending as you near the mountain. Green, moss-clad undergrowth and ancient forest reminiscent of a fairytale wood with trolls and goblins. Once you have reached higher ground you will encounter the characteristic svaberg rocks that make the Nissedal mountains so unique. Although the route is steep, the walk to the beacon at the top of the mountain is easy. PS! Take binoculars with you and put them to use at the car park next to Landtaksdammen. Aim at the rock face and see if you can spot the climbers dangling from the precipice.

Source: Vest Telemark


Hægefjell Nissedal

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